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Len Hammond Memorial 2015/16

This year saw the 6th edition of the Len Hammond Memorial, the annual friendly match between Snodland and local rivals Maidstone.

Len was an active and well liked member of both clubs and is fondly remembered.  Match results below.

Maidstone Vs Snodland

David Munford 0 Vs 1 Matt Bunn

David Heath 1 Vs Default

Barry Beavis 1 Vs 0 George Hollands

Bob Lane 1/2 Vs 1/2 David Fowler

Saba Mustafa 1 Vs 0 Rob Thompson

Chris Ilinca 1 Vs 0 David Lettington

Douglas Smith 0 Vs 1 Pete Hickey

Nigel Osina 1 Vs 0 Neil Miners

Peter Dirmanskas 0 Vs 1 Richard Mallery


Recent Results

Snodland have played three recent matches, including a 4-0 win against Maidstone in the Tom Fuller.  A draw and a loss in the En-Passant competition took some shine off our previous four wins in this league but should see us qualify for the business end of this year’s competition, the semi finals.

1415-EP-Maidstone-Home 150212 1415-EP-Rainham-Home 150205 1415-TF-Maidstone-Away 150211