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New Season, New Club Championship

Round 1, 14-09-17

Mallery, Richard 0 - 1 Miners, Neil

Pol, Jerry 1 - 0 Broadbent, Hugh

Thompson, Robert 1 - 0 Boyes, Jason

Boyes, Jason 0 - 1 Thompson, Robert


Club Championship 2016-17

Approximately at the mid-point of the tournament, it’s very close at the top.

George Hollands leads by one point although Robert Thompson in second place has a round in hand.

Both players are yet to meet in the competition and one feels the outcome of their two games will have a big impact on this year’s event, which runs over 18 rounds! (George has played 10 rounds so far).


A & B League Round 1 – Results

Tonight saw round one of the Club Championship A & B leagues with the following results:


George Hollands 1 Vs 0 Robert Thompson

Jerry Pol 0 Vs 1 Bob Fenn


Neil Miners 1 Vs 0 Richard Mallery

Hugh Broadbent 1/2 Vs 1/2 William Patch