Snodland Vs Maidstone (Harvey) Match Report

On Thursday 30th January we played our second match in this year’s Harvey Cup, achieving our second draw.

The result was probably a fair reflection overall, although most games featured some fluctuations…..and we were 3-0 up at one stage.

George won well against a difficult opponent, a knight fork on 2 Rooks possibly being the significant move.

Rob was under pressure and on the defensive before finding a lovely Knight move which gave up a Rook for substantial attacking chances and mating threats. His opponent could only defend at the cost of Queen for Knight and although not totally clear-cut at this stage, the ending was winning for Rob.

David L played a good opening and middlegame, going a piece up, but missed a move to confirm his advantage and eventually lost.

Hugh showed strong attacking intent but twice allowed Bishop skewers which lost Rook for Bishop. That was too much to claw back.

Pete played an ex-member and faced some threatening early play but soon settled and achieved a comfortable position, from which he recorded the win.

Neil lost the exchange early on, in a game that fluctuated throughout and had many chances to get some sort of result before losing on time.

David Fowler (Harvey Captain)