On the Horizon

I wont have much time to update the site between now and the weekend so just a quick post to whet your appetite with what’s coming up…..

  • Snodland CC’s very own “room” on the playchess server, allowing our members to join for free and play online against other club members, completely free.
  • The Candidates starts this week.  With Carlsen (Our selected top player watch subject) not playing, I will take a closer look at Vladimir Kramnik’s tournament.
  • Book Review – Jeremy SIlman’s Complete Endgame Course. (This has recently been purchased by the club).
  • Tactics Time 2.  Not much response from the first one – please let me know if you want to continue to see these……
  • Great Games from Chess History – Robert Fischer Vs Bent Larsen
  • The Rapid Play entry form will be available to download shortly.
  • A few surprises