Snodland Vs Medway (Tom Fuller) Match Report

Snodland hosted Medway for the final game in the Tom Fuller last night.

It was not a “must win” game but a win would make reaching the semi-finals guaranteed.

Approaching the middle game it became clear that Pete on board 3 was heading towards a win with a knight, bishop and rook to 2 rooks and a much better pawn structure.

Will on board 4 looked quite even with a knight and pawn ending but then his opponent trapped his own knight behind will’s pawns and that was game over!

With this in mind David Fowler on board 1 made the shrewd decision to offer a draw, perhaps slightly ahead of necessary to win the match.

Indeed this was accepted and boards 3 and 4 won and the match was won.

Jerry on board 2 had an even game pretty much until the end. Unfortunately he then had to make 4 moves in 38 seconds to reach 35 moves within the time controls. Moving his queen away from his opponents attack proved fatal, game over!

This is now Will’s 7th league match win in a row, well done Will!

Well played to the team, I look forward to the semi-finals.

Rob Thompson

Tom Fuller Captain