Tactics Time 1

Below are six positions for you to try and solve. As the norm I’ll be following this format: The first position will be fairly easy. Positions 2-5 will be a mixed bag but will contain at least one endgame position (not a study). The last position will require some fiendish calculation to solve.

Word of warning. These aren’t all play and mate tactics. Some positions may simply require a simple win of a pawn or an exchange.

The best way to attempt these is to write the lines you see down (or if you’re brave, post them in the comments) so that when the solutions are revealed in a few days, you don’t cheat yourself by pretending you saw a line that you didn’t.

1) White to play – Lasker V Steinitz – Moscow 1896


2) White to play – Adams Vs Hennigan – 4NCL 2001


3) White to play – Genzling Vs Menendez Villar – Avilles 2006TT-1-3

4) Black to play – Yates Vs Marshall – Karlsbad 1929


5) Black to play – Sagissian Vs Nisipeanu – Bundesliga 2006


6) White to play – King Vs Emms – London 2003


Solutions to follow shortly.  Please remember to comment if you attempted to solve these, leaving your solutions if brave enough.  (they take a while to put together so I’m interested how many find these useful/interesting).


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