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On the Horizon

I wont have much time to update the site between now and the weekend so just a quick post to whet your appetite with what’s coming up…..

  • Snodland CC’s very own “room” on the playchess server, allowing our members to join for free and play online against other club members, completely free.
  • The Candidates starts this week.  With Carlsen (Our selected top player watch subject) not playing, I will take a closer look at Vladimir Kramnik’s tournament.
  • Book Review – Jeremy SIlman’s Complete Endgame Course. (This has recently been purchased by the club).
  • Tactics Time 2.  Not much response from the first one – please let me know if you want to continue to see these……
  • Great Games from Chess History – Robert Fischer Vs Bent Larsen
  • The Rapid Play entry form will be available to download shortly.
  • A few surprises

Study Time 2

Below is a simple looking position that contains a rather beautiful idea. It’s White to play and win. You will gain the most benefit by setting the position up on the board and spending 20 minutes or so trying to work out all the varitions without moving the pieces.

Once you’ve tried and think you’ve solved all the problems, you can check the solution here.


Snodland’s New Online Chess Server!!

You will now see a new menu item titled “Online Blitz”.

This is a very exciting development for the club, as incredibly soon, members will be emailed a password to access this page, where there will be details on how to connect to Snodland Chess Club’s very own private room on the playchess webserver!!

On our private webserver any member of the club will be able to create an account, entirely for free.  They will then be able to play online blitz and chat to all other members that are online.

In time, I will organise some online blitz tournaments/matches.

Keep your eyes peeled for an email containing the access password and see me this Thursday for more info.